About the BMW M2 CS Racing

365 HP, ABS & DSC, very low maintenance.

The BMW M2 CS is the latest model developed by BMW Motorsport based on the street version of the BMW M2. This model is the third in succession next to the successful BMW M235i and the BMW M240i models and now based on a renowned M version for the first time.

The BMW M2 CS Racing is a real further developed racing car, of course, equipped with all FIA safety features, but also with a completely adapted chassis and the BMW GT4 drivetrain, heavier brakes with extra cooling, shock absorbers, electronics and software to make the car really suitable for track use for both amateurs and pros.

Exceptional are the long maintenance intervals for the engine and 7-speed gearbox with double clutch, which makes the car multi-purpose but also has unusually low maintenance costs, coupled with a favorable depreciation as an original BMW M Motorsport racing car.


The BMW M2 CS Racing was developed at the same time as the special version of the street version, the BMW M2 CS, a limited model for the road.

The new racing version is equipped with an S55 6-cylinder in-line engine with an adjustable power of 365 HP via power sticks.
The maximum torque is approximately 550 Nm.

The 7-speed dual clutch gears are operated by “flippers” on the steering wheel controlled by very fast motorsport software.

In addition, the car is equipped with a mechanical Drexler differential, ABS and DSC specially adapted for track use, making the car a fast but also safe racing car for less experienced drivers, under all circumstances.

Thanks to a sophisticated design, it is possible, to drive at a relatively low cost with long maintenance intervals of the engine and gearbox. Good for at least 4 seasons of trouble-free driving and racing fun.

"The BMW M2 CS Racing traditionally offers a real racing feeling, paired with a convincing performance from the powerful in line six cylinder with TwinPowerturbo technology. The sport driving dynamics can be felt through the passion in the development and cooperation with the BMW M4 GT4 and the BMW M2 CS Racing. An optimal car for beginners in motorsport.“

Björn Wiegard Technical Manager BMW M2 Cup
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