Next stop Red Bull Ring – Preparations for 2023 are in full swing

After eight exciting races, the fifth of the six BMW M2 Cup rounds is approaching. The championship’s „mountain stage“ with an altitude difference of 65 metres, takes place in the Steiermark and promises lots of excitement in the battle for the title. Nothing has been decided yet in the overall rankings and also the rookie class. Although the season is still in full swing, preparations for 2023 are already running at full speed.

Which rookie will come out on top in the end? The rookie who’ll finally receive the crown is the subject of much anticipation. Lorenz Stegmann is presently leading the newcomer class that was first introduced in 2022. Strong performances in Spa-Francorchamps helped the 19-year-old to top up his point score to 116. Bart Horsten and Michal Makeš follow on his tail with 106 points each.

The three young talents have a say in the top spots of the overall standings. However, the fight for the title will be decided by two other drivers: Fabian Kreim and Maxime Oosten are the table frontrunners. Both not only want to become cup champion but are aiming to recommend themselves for higher-level assignments in international motorsport.

How this could happen, is for example demonstrated by several drivers‘ move from the cup up to the DTM trophy. „Louis Henkefend, Colin Caresani, Rodrigo Almeida, Nick Hancke and Theo Oeverhaus, who was the youngest driver to start in the DTM at the Nürburgring, are the best examples of how our talent promotion works“, says series manager Jörg Michaelis. „We not only register that in successes, but also see it in the immense feedback and numerous inquiries we receive. Interest amongst the Red Bull Ring guest starters in registration for 2023 is huge. We’re in the process of arranging the driver squad and will be deciding at short notice. Registrations for 2023 can already be made.“

The organizers place particular emphasis on making the BMW M2 Cup accessible to all those who are interested. Especially during the race weekends, junior drivers get an impression of what awaits them in the cup. „In addition to the individual and varied schooling in training camps, performance diagnostics and simulator training, we offer the chance to test the BMW M2 CS Racing. The car is ideal for learning the basics“, Assistant Project Manager Christian Göbel explains.

Both BMW M2 Cup races take place on Saturday and Sunday at 10:45.

„Wir freuen uns sehr, auf weitere, starke Marken setzen zu können“, so Cup-Leiter Jörg Michaelis. „Es ist ein besonderes Aushängeschild des Cups, dass Unternehmen ein komplettes Fahrzeug in ihrem Corporate Design branden können. Damit wird nicht nur das Starterfeld belebt, auch unser Netzwerk im Markenpokal profitiert von den namhaften Partnern. Dazu kommt die starke Plattform, die die DTM bietet. Das Interesse am Cup ist entsprechend groß und wir freuen uns, in Kürze noch weitere Partner zu präsentieren.“

Randstad war bereits in der Debütsaison 2021 Partner des BMW M2 Cup. Im komplett schwarzen Look mit farbigen Akzenten war der BMW M2 CS Racing ein echter Hingucker auf der Strecke. 2022 ist erneut ein Bolide im Design des Personaldienstleisters unterwegs. Auch Endless verlängert die Zusammenarbeit im Markenpokal und ist auf einem Fahrzeug vertreten. Neu zur Meisterschaft stößt Boge. In den Farben des Herstellers von Industrie-Kompressoren und Druckluftsystemen wird ein weiterer BMW M2 CS Racing am Start stehen. Zudem auf allen Fahrzeugen vertreten ist, wie im Vorjahr, Serienpartner und Fahrwerksspezialist H&R mit seinem Logo.